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About Tapes Online

Tapes Online Australia are suppliers of an extensive range of High Quality Adhesive Tapes for a vast array of applications, including areas such as Agriculture, Automotive, Marine, Industrial, Safety and the DIY Enthusiast.

At Tapes Online we have over 25 years experience in the Adhesive Tape Industry in Australia - we have used this experience and the contacts gained, to source from some of the world`s leading Adhesive Tape Manufacturers, including an exciting range of Environmentally Friendly Adhesive Tapes from one of Germany`s leading Tape Manufacturing Companies. Our absolute focus is on High Quality Products,delivered in a timely manner.

While most of our stock lines will be available pre converted,you may need a Tape that is not a standard width - we do have state of the Art Converting facilities which will enable us to react quickly to your specific needs,so please don`t hesitate to ask for assistance in these instances. Read more...