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Hazard and Barrier Tape

Tapes Online offer a complete range of adhesive backed,striped  Hazard Tapes,ranging from three specific types that have clear and defined applications in OH&S in public areas and the workplace,to a Cloth version for Temporary applications and two Retro Reflective Hazard Tapes,designed for Outdoor applications.

Three adhesive backed striped versions for OH&S in public areas and the workplace.  green and white stripe = identifying first aid areas,  red and white stripe = identifying fire fighting equipment, yellow and black =  identifying Hazards such as Beams,Steps etc

The two reflective tapes can be used for adhering to Bollards,Loading Decks,Tailgates.  These tapes reflect light, increasing presence of visual hazard.

The hazard cloth tape option is often referred to a '' Tiger Tape '', so it's only available in Yellow and Black.  Tiger Tape is only for Temporary applications where Conformability / Easy remove is important.